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Introducing the ultimate shoe care brand – Threds!

Threds’ first kicked off in 2018 with Paul Boudville, an Australian podiatrist and entrepreneur. In his practice he found his clients couldn’t find a product to keep their brand-new kicks, squeaky clean. He brought shoe-cleaning down to its soles – introducing natural soaps for a gentle touch, convenient wipes, and odour busting pills. Threds was born, and it finally saw Paul’s clients’ shoes go the distance.

From there, Threds developed and grew into products designed specifically to ‘adding pizzazz’ to your kicks. Bling Laces and Aglet/Deubre Sets (personalisation is an option) were born! Ranging in over 10 colours to match your shoes and the style you are aiming for.

Threds also created Quick and Premium Shoe Care Kits to give you that extra cleaning power for your shoes. Along with adding a range of waterproofing spray, foaming shoe cleaner, beeswax and even shoe shapers.

If you need it – Threds had got it!


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